CPF District 7 represents Los Angeles County Fire Fighters, Local 1014.

A Busy Start to 2018


This year is off to a busy start for the 7th District - Los Angeles County Fire Fighters, Local 1014, which is comprised of over 3,400 members representing firefighters, paramedics and fire service personnel.


As Local 1014 members head into the fourth month following our contract expiration on midnight, December 31, we continue to work under the existing MOU and we continue to bargain alongside other public safety unions with the county to secure a fair successor MOU. 

We are also beginning to bargain for our fringe benefits along with the County Coalition of Unions (CCU). We have already had one meeting with the county and the CCU has set priorities together as we set course to bargain a new fringe benefit contract. The fringe benefit contract covers benefits such as retirement, active and retiree healthcare, benefit time and other non-salary items that are important to our membership. 

We have also partnered with all the county unions in concert with our CCU partners to stand in solidarity for the COLA for all county workers. This month the CCU and union leaders from SEIU will address the Board of Supervisors to alert them to the energy and position of all county unions in solidarity. This is important as all county workers along with the Los Angeles Federation of Labor makes a powerful statement from the workforce and the unions representing their respective memberships. 

Political Action

Political action and legislative advocacy are the two fundamental purposes of our state union, the CPF. We need to take our political action and work the halls of the state Capitol to ensure our interests are protected. 

Currently, there are many issues being dealt within the state, but none more important than the long-term funding for mutual aid. We need to ensure the balance between state dollars going to CAL FIRE to help them with staffing and the funding needed for municipal fire departments who provide 70 percent of the mutual aid for fires in the state. Municipal departments need to collaborate with their fire chiefs to ensure our voice is heard and our share of the money is received. This funding pays for personnel, rigs and OES staffed rigs who respond to all fires and other emergency events including pre-placement of resources in advance of major events. This also includes the OT for backfill in your stations. You understand what this means for all of our work in the union sense. Stay informed and fight for balance. 

As we near election season in 2018, we will continue to be busy with CPF candidate interviews for both California State Assembly and State Senate districts that include all or portions of Los Angeles County. 

Local 1014 has a long history of successful political engagement at the local, state and federal level as we work hard to elect men and women at all levels of government who will be supportive of public safety and our firefighters. From statewide legislation regarding cancer presumption – which dates back in Local 1014 to the direct engagement of our former Presidents Al Whitehead and Dallas Jones – to the Firefighter Bill of Rights and the additional hundreds of millions of dollars that the governor and legislature have allocated for firefighting resources throughout our state, our local has consistently understood the vital importance of vetting candidates and supporting those who support firefighters. 

With the current threats to collective bargaining and organized labor pending before the United States Supreme Court, it is more important than ever to have political engagement at the local and statewide level so that firefighters can protect the gains that we have made in so many areas. From safe working conditions to a fair pension and retirement, Local 1014 understands that we cannot be complacent and we cannot go backwards. We will update our members and other firefighters throughout Southern California as we finalize our endorsements and plans for political action with the upcoming mid-term elections just around with the corner with a critical primary election coming up in June.

Los Angeles County’sInaugural Arise Summit

On March 28-29, Local 1014 was proud to be a sponsor for the Inaugural Los Angeles County Fire Department’s ARISE Summit. ARISE stands for “A Reason to Include and Support Everyone” so it is fitting that this year’s theme was “Women on the Fire Service: The Courage to Lead the Way.” 

The Arise Summit kicked off with a recruitment fair which included our partners at Cal-JAC team and the Firefighter Candidate Testing Center (FCTC) team to help recruit the next generation of firefighters for Los Angeles County. Los Angeles County enjoys a long history with Cal-JAC and has been a leader in working collaboratively with labor and management representatives to help deliver world-class training for personnel and in recruiting an increasingly diverse workforce that reflects the community of Los Angeles County. It is critical that as a union we not only support these initiatives, but that we step up as leaders. 

The current efforts led by the department do not lead to hiring the best in the state, despite the fact that oftentimes we have mentored these candidates for a career in the fire service. It is time to not only mentor and identify these top women candidates, but to hire them and add them to our membership of the best firefighters and paramedics and fire personnel in the country. 

The FCTC through Cal-JAC is the answer to that problem. 

Fire service oriented written testing and of course the CPAT should be all in one place. We get men and women who want to be firefighters and have earned their place on the hiring list. This has escaped our current fire department human resources division. We will take our plan directly to the county Board of Supervisors to ensure success. 

Recruiting and retaining women in the fire service is a priority for our Board of Supervisors and the nation’s fire service. We can either stand by and watch the efforts of the department and the county, or we can drive the efforts through the union. Here at Local 1014, we choose the latter. We are going to actively engage in a partnership with our Local 1014 Women Firefighters (Women’s Fire League - WFL) and the Cal-JAC Women’s Commission, to recruit and retain the state’s best and brightest to Los Angeles County Fire Department. We will continue to update you on this issue as we move forward.