Firefighters Prepare for 2018 Election Year

Shawn Stark, Deputy Political Director, California Professional Firefighters

Shawn Stark, Deputy Political Director, California Professional Firefighters

CPF adds Deputy Political Director Shawn Stark to its ranks

The 2018 election year will be an all-hands-on-deck affair for firefighters up and down the state, and California Professional Firefighters has added an extra set of hands to the fight. 

In August, CPF expanded its political department with the hiring of Shawn Stark, retired 18-year Oakland firefighter (retired captain) and former political director for Oakland-Alameda County Firefighters, Local 55. As CPF’s deputy political director for affiliate campaigns, Shawn has gotten off to a fast start, traveling the state with Political Director Chris Patterson to brief the membership on CPF’s new political services, as well as its new “Blueprint for Building Affiliate Strength” program.

Their message has been a simple one - the time to prepare for next year’s busy political season is now.

Shawn and Chris have been very active in engaging affiliated local for 2018, providing a series of PAC trainings up and down the state. Training topics have included Political Action Committee (PAC) set up and operation, internal organization, engaging local elected officials, controlling your image, media relations and building coalitions. Additional presentations included social media training and detailed legal PAC training. Preparing for elections today will pave the way for success at the bargaining table tomorrow. 

CPF Media Services, Firefighters Print & Design and Firestar Studios were also on hand to exhibit the numerous tools that CPF has available for our members. With these resources on hand, CPF can provide everything needed to make a local's campaign a success, including voter contact lists, mail, signs, social media videos and commercials. CPF can also assist with messaging, as well as access to polling and legal professionals with years of experience helping firefighters throughout the state. Virtually all campaign materials can be prepared in a union shop owned by the CPF, allowing locals to get their message to voters in a targeted and cost effective manner while saving a significant amount of money in the process.

For more information about political programs heading into the 2018 election year, contact CPF at (916) 921-9111.