This Tax Season, Check a Box to Support the Foundation


Tax season is just around the corner, meaning now is the perfect time to brush up on how to support the California Fire Foundation with the check of a box.

California law allows taxpayers to contribute money to one or multiple funds by checking a box on their state income tax return. Contributions are deducted from a person’s tax refund or if no refund is expected, added to the amount owed. Donations made through the tax checkoff may be claimed on a charitable contribution on your returns the following year.

When completing State Tax Form 540, filers can elect to donate all or some of their refund to the California Firefighters’ Memorial fund on line 406 under Voluntary Contributions. Amounts, in $1 increments, can be added to the line item, helping ensure that the Memorial can continue to honor the memory of fallen firefighters for years to come. 

All donations can be recorded as a donation to a charitable cause and may be deductible on future tax filings.

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