Listen to the new
CPF Fire Wire

In April, CPF launched CPF Fire Wire, a new podcast covering a wide range of issues affecting firefighters, their unions, their families and the communities they serve. The podcast connects CPF with members and delivers reliable information directly to firefighters. Amid the clutter of social media and cable news, CPF Fire Wire is home to the issues that matter most to firefighters.

Each episode features CPF President Brian Rice joined by guests discussing the subject of the episode. Topics include union activism, legislative priorities, politics and much more.

The inaugural episode covered union activism and was hosted by President Rice. Guests included Nick Gracia, president of Daly City Firefighters Local 1879, and Brian Ursettie, president of Arcadia Firefighters Local 3440. All three leaders discussed what inspired them to become active in their union and the power of standing together to make the firefighter voice heard.

“CPF Fire Wire is a new way to directly connect to our members,” explained President Rice. “Through the podcast we can share with our members exactly what we are doing to protect their wages, benefits and working conditions. We are also able the convey the value of being a union member through the stories of our own members.”

The demands on members lives are many and CPF Fire Wire is an easy way to stay connected to what their union is doing. Whether it’s on the drive to work or during a workout, CPF Fire Wire is an easy way to get the information that matters to you. Episodes are released the first Wednesday of every month.

You can listen to CPF Fire Wire on Apple podcasts, Spotify, Podbean or www.cpf.org