CPF Media Services Proves to be the Difference Maker in Local Elections

When it comes to getting your message heard, no one gets the job done like CPF Media Services. 

At least that’s what the Election Day results show. 

Up and down the state, locals conducted mail or video messaging campaigns through Firefighters Print & Design and Firestar Studios saw their endorsed candidates backed by voters at the polls. 

The end result? Firefighter friendly elected officials making decisions affecting your life and livelihood. 

On the print side, Firefighters Print & Design (FP&D) produced hundreds of thousands of mail pieces for nearly 20 locals, helping elect more than 30 firefighter-endorsed candidates to city council, board of supervisor or fire district boards across California. FP&D also printed pieces regarding more than a dozen local ballot measures that sought to provide valuable public safety resources to California communities. 

In the world of video, Firestar Studios produced web and television spots of local candidates and measure from the Bay Area down to Southern California, while also producing spots for statewide ballot measures and firefighter endorsed candidates for state Assembly, Senate and representatives in Congress. 

“The resources available to our affiliate locals through CPF Media Services are unmatched in the political realm,” said CPF President Lou Paulson. “The materials produced by these two outfits have proven to be the difference maker on Election Day.”

For more information on the resources available to your local through CPF Media Services, visit www.ffprint.org or www.firestarstudios.net.