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Editor: Carroll Wills  Managing Editor: Fera Dayani  
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Executive Board
Brian K. Rice President
Mike Lopez Secretary-Treasurer
Tim Strack 1st District Vice President
Chris Mahon 2nd District Vice President
Jair Juarez 3rd District Vice President
Jeff Del Bono 4th District Vice President
Michael Massone 5th District Vice President
Cliff Allen 6th District Vice President
Dave Gillotte 7th District Vice President
Tony Gamboa 8th District Vice President


Erik Baskin
Paul Van Gerwen
Andy Doyle

Teresa Ortiz Managing Director
Christy Bouma Governmental Advocate
Amy Howard Legislative Director
Shawnda Westly Political Director
Shawn Stark Deputy Political Director
Christine Harms Senior Political Associate
Carroll Wills Communications Director
Fera Dayani Deputy Communications Director
Kevin White EMS and Health & Safety Director
Pharris Treskunoff Assistant to the President
Rosalia Lopez Executive Assistant
Debbie George PER Administrator
Apryl Swanberg PER Coordinator
Irene Chu Finance Director
Kathy Shipley Full-Charge Bookkeeper
Ting Ting Hui Senior Accountant
Stacy Smith Receptionist

CPF Callback Association
Cynthia Clark Projects Coordinator

Firefighters Print & Design
Mariena De Anda Director
Natalie Mercado Assistant Manager
Cynthia Clark Promotional Products Representative
Jennifer Fong Administrative Assistant
Robbie Panco Senior Graphic Designer
Emily Masterson Graphic Designer
Victor Jimenez Press Operator
Taylor de la Peña Digital Press Operator
Shakeel Ali Shipping and Delivery Clerk

California Fire Foundation
Brittany Trudeau Program Director
Sara Rogers Administrative Assistant

California Firefighter Joint Apprenticeship Committee
Yvonne de la Peña Executive Director

Firefighter Candidate Testing Center
Kelley Trujillo Program Director

Firestar Studios
Lara Popyack Manager

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