When it comes to the decisions that affect California firefighters’ jobs, health and safety, retirement security and workplace rights, nobody is more important than the governor. We can’t afford a part-time friend in the governor’s office.

Gavin Newsom has a proven record of standing up for firefighters … even when the heat was on. His opponent, John Cox, refused to meet with CPF for a candidate interview, and has been either silent or hostile to firefighters on the issues affecting your life and livelihood.

Gavin Newsom has stood with firefighters. He has earned CPF’s support


What’s Newsom’s record on supporting firefighters?

As mayor of San Francisco, Newsom held the line against fire staffing cuts during the recession, despite political pressure to lay off or cut back. Newsom negotiated with employees on pay and pension issues, and supports the “California Rule” protecting pensions. Newsom stood up against contracting out critical local services. He was consistently supported by his home local, San Francisco Firefighters Local 798, and promises firefighters a voice in his administration.

How did CPF make the decision? 

All candidates – Democrat and Republican – were invited to meet with CPF’s executive board for a candidate interview. Four of the six primary candidates interviewed with CPF. John Cox and Travis Allen refused a CPF meeting. After hearing the candidates’ answers on a range of core firefighter issues, the Executive Board voted unanimously to endorse Gavin Newsom.

What about John Cox?

On the core issues that affect firefighters’ jobs, safety, rights and retirement, John Cox has been either silent or openly hostile. Cox stands with hardline anti-pension forces who want to put an end to secure pensions for new public workers. Cox stands with management in urging more contracting out of local services. Cox stands with anti-union hard liners who have tried to silence your united voice in the process, and has openly attacked “union power.” And Cox won’t answer direct questions about these core issues because he wouldn’t even talk to CPF. Mr. Cox has said or done nothing to prove he will be on firefighters’ side if elected governor. 

There are a lot of things that Gavin Newsom talks about that I don’t agree with. Even if I don’t like Cox, why should I vote for Newsom?

Nobody ever agrees with any candidate 100% of the time. Like all voters, CPF members have their own set of personal issues they look at when casting their ballots. But, unlike some other labor organizations, CPF knows it’s not the union’s job to tell you how to vote on personal issues. It is the union’s responsibility to inform you on the issues that affect your professional life and your family’s future. On these core professional issues, it’s not even close. Newsom has earned the endorsement. 

Why do we even have to endorse anybody? 

Everything affecting CPF members on the job is the result of decisions by elected leaders, and the governor is the most important one of them all. There’s just too much at stake to sit on the sidelines. Firefighters are being overwhelmed by the disaster threat. Our retirement security is under constant attack. Local governments are cutting back resources and threatening to contract out. Firefighters need leaders who will stand up for us in good times and bad. 

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