Letters from SAVE Recipients


Hello CA Fire Foundation,

I am a Camp Fire survivor who lost everything. I want to thank you for the monetary gift. So overwhelmed at the generosity of others. You usually read about disasters, but never think it will be you. We are adjusting to our new normal and moving forward. Your gift sure helped with the immediate needs. Once again thank you.

— The Fetchens


CA Fire Foundation,

Thank you so very much for the gift card. We really appreciate the kindness and generosity! It will come in handy and be very useful as we rebuild our lives.

— The Wilders
(Steve, Robin and Laura)


After losing my home in the Camp Fire in Paradise, CA. I was given a gift card from your organization. I am self employed and your generous gift is helping me to begin to replenish my stock of tools and supplies. Thank you for helping our community.

Nili Brambleberry


CA Fire Foundation,

Thank you for the $250 gift card. Thanks to you and several others our apartment is looking like a home. We are so grateful to our many friends, family and organizations for all your help. God bless you.

— Mary “Lou” Roberts

We are very grateful and wanted to thank you for your donation to us during the Camp Fire apocalypse. This helped with gas and food until our insurance finally started to send payments. Most of all we are very grateful for all the hard work firefighters do and for making us feel safe and cared for.

Rick and Carole Masson


CA Fire Foundation,

Thank you so much for the $250 debit card. Your gift will help us get settled in our rental house. We are so thankful for your kindness and such a generous gift.

— Mindy and Curtis Stark