Firefighter License Plate Available to Surviving Family Members Beginning Jan. 1


License plates available to survivors free of charge for first year

Thanks to legislative action by California Professional Firefighters, the surviving spouses and family members of fallen firefighters will soon be able to remember their loved ones by way of a firefighter license plate.

The action, which was brought about by Assembly Bill 1338 (Evan Low), means that, for the first time since the inception of the firefighter license plate program, a survivor of an active or retired firefighter will be able to independently apply for and receive their own firefighter license plate. Previously, firefighter license plates were available for use only by firefighters. Surviving family were limited to keeping the plates as a memorial keepsake, rather than for use on a vehicle.

“The firefighter license plate program was brought about as a way to provide funding for the construction of the California Firefighters Memorial. They have always been tied to the mission of remembering our fallen heroes,” said Foundation Chair Lou Paulson. “It seems fitting that the plates will now provide another way for survivors to remember and honor their loved ones.”

In addition to the legislative change, survivors of firefighters who died in the line of duty will also be eligible for assistance in purchasing their newly available firefighter license plates, thanks to the California Fire Foundation.

Beginning in 2018, upon request, the Foundation will be paying the first-year fees associated with the purchase of a California Firefighter License plate, allowing surviving family members of fallen firefighters who died in the line of duty, to obtain the plates free of charge. Plate owners will be responsible for paying annual fees after the first year.

To request plates or more information about the firefighter license plate program, including the new benefits available to surviving family members, visit