On the Frontlines Reaching out to members

Over the past year CPF leadership has made it a priority to provide trainings to locals and visit members at stations to learn about their needs and discuss CPF priorities.

Beginning this past April, CPF held nine Political Action Committee (PAC) workshops throughout the state to make trainings more accessible to a wider variety of local affiliates. Hundreds of members were able to attend the workshops in preparation for the upcoming Primary election in March. The attendees learned the basics of setting up a PAC, campaign communications and how to run a local campaign. Members were empowered to build their own political relationships and develop strategic plans to win at the local level.

In July, CPF President Brian Rice, Secretary-Treasurer Mike Lopez, Third District Vice President Jair Juarez and Fourth District Vice President Vince Wells visited 12 stations in the Bay Area and San Joaquin Valley. Members from 14 locals attended the meetings to hear from CPF leadership about priority issues.

President Rice discussed CPF’s legislative agenda, explained the status of all seven CPF sponsored bills and covered each in detail. Each sponsored bill protects firefighters on the job, their retirement, their families and the communities they serve. President Rice emphasized the importance of taking action when the bills are up for vote. “CPF’s efforts inside the Capitol and pressure from a legislator’s local firefighters can make all the difference in passing the bills that matter to our profession,” Rice explained. “When you call and write your legislator, they listen.”

Secretary–Treasurer Lopez, touched on resources available to the locals through the CPF’s California Fire Foundation. To learn more about foundation programs visit Third District Vice President Jair Juarez and 4th District Vice President Vince Wells explained their role as being a resource to access everything CPF has to offer to affiliated locals.

As the year progresses and the new year approaches, CPF and leadership will continue to be on the frontlines with members. Listening to on-the-ground needs and providing the training necessary for locals to be successful.