As the dust from an intense and polarizing political season finally settles, one thing remains clear: the support of California voters for firefighters and the issues that matter to public safety. 

Across the board, voters up and down the state of California came out to elect candidates who supported the men and women of the fire service. 

In a marquee statewide race, California voted to add a strong pro-firefighter voice to the U.S. Senate by electing Attorney General Kamala Harris, who has consistently opposed the privatization of fire protection and championed firefighters’ retirement security and political rights. 

Out of the seventeen ballot measures on the California state ticket this year, the seven initiatives that CPF weighed-in on each met a result that mirror CPF’s endorsement: Props 51 and 52 (YES), Prop. 53 (NO), Prop. 55 (YES), Prop. 58 (YES), Prop. 59 (YES) and Prop. 66 (YES). CPF played a lead role in the campaign to stop Proposition 53, successfully preserving local control over disaster repair and infrastructure in the state.

Candidates in both parties endorsed by CPF and its local affiliates were overwhelmingly victorious in state legislative contests, winning all but four of the 86 races in which a recommendation was made. Those wins include eight out of 10 high-priority races for firefighters and the labor movement, including in AD 12 (Heath Flora); AD 24 (Marc Berman); AD 27 (Ash Kaira); AD 30 (Anna Caballero), AD 35 J(ordan Cunningham), AD 65 (Sharon Quirk-Silva), SD 03 (Bill Dodd) and SD 11 (Scott Wiener) .

California Professional Firefighters’ local affiliates fought tirelessly to secure elected officials and measures to preserve essential funding for fire safety services. Highlighting these victories were eight active and retired firefighters, who ran for office and came out as victors of their campaign efforts: Owen Miller (Central FPD), John Lucchesi (Santa Cruz City Local 1716), Mike Diaz (Escondido Local 3842), Jeff Griffith (CAL FIRE Local 2881), Jeremy Ray (Santa Clara City Local 1171), Shawn Stark (Oakland Local 55), Jeff Donabedian (Oxnard Local 1684), and Scott Dettorre (Ventura County Local 1364). 

“We endorse candidates and initiatives based entirely on the core issues that affect and matter to those in the firefighter profession: job safety, pay and benefits, retirement security, public safety resources and stranding up for our fallen,” said California Professional Firefighters President Lou Paulson. “Every decision that affects the lives and livelihoods of firefighters is made by elected officials and we are very pleased to see these candidates and positions also endorsed by California’s voters.”

To see a full list of statewide and local firefighter-endorsed candidates who were successful on Election Day, visit www.cpf.org.