Over the past 15 years, the California Firefighters Memorial Ceremony has touched countless lives. 

For friends and family members of the fallen, or for the men and who who served alongside California’s heroes, the ceremony is a touching tribute to those they have lost, while the Memorial Wall provides a timeless place of remembrance that can be visited for years to come.

Below are a collection of thoughts and statements from only some of the men and women whose lives have been impacted by the solemn day.


"Building the California Firefighters Memorial is the crowning achievement of our profession. It reflects the courage and commitment of these extraordinary men and women."
- Daniel A. Terry, CPF President Emeritus 
"It’s very moving, very touching. It’s an honor for my family, for me for my husband to know that we’re just a big family I don’t know, it’s just heartwarming to be here."
- Jessie Magallanes (Widow of Los Angeles County Firefighter Hector Magallanes)

"Seeing his name on that wall, I have closure now.  I miss him every second, but I can touch his name.  He’s there."
- Shelly Russell (Widow of Los Angeles County Firefighter Joseph Savas)
"To have everyone honor my son (and) to see his name on that wall is incredible and bittersweet. I feel as though I’ve gained a whole family through this experience."
- Judie Dechesere-Boyle (Mother of CAL Fire Apparatus Engineer Alexander J. Stevenson)

"The support of the fire family has definitely been there from day one without a doubt.  Especially with Karen’s death it’s kind of just carried me along with all the love and support."
- David Shubin (Widower of fallen CAL FIRE battalion chief Karen Leigh Shubin)
"I can’t tell you how overwhelmed my wife and I and our daughters are with the firefighting community. With those big family arms, they’ve said ‘Hey Sheehys, come on in."
- Doug Sheehy (Father of fallen US Forest Service Smokejumper Luke Douglas Foster Sheehy)

"Forever we can remember him and thousands of people are going to come and see his name and realize what he’s sacrificed. That means a lot to me."
- Amy Douglas (Widow of CAL FIRE engineer/paramedic Christopher Lee Douglas)
"Just his name being on the wall is a legacy, not only for my (daughters) but also our grandkids … something to see their grandfather was a very honorable man."
- Jeanna Rockett (Widow of Long Beach Engineer Darren Rockett) 
"It’s such a wonderful experience to see (everyone) uniform honoring him. It’s so moving to come here and see from the top brass down to the firefighters honoring their brother."
- Melanie Allen (Widow of fallen LA City Firefighter Glenn L Allen)