Xavier Becerra 
for Attorney General

Attorney General Xavier Becerra has been a steadfast ally of our firefighters and those we serve, throughout his decades-long career. As a member of Congress, Becerra supported FIRE and SAFER grants, fought for health care and compensation for 9/11 responders and stood up for occupational death benefits for firefighters. 

As the current attorney general, Becerra has proven to be an advocate for working families. He has been especially steadfast in protecting retirement security. When the governor sought to have the attorney general defend his 2012 pension law by going after the “California Rule” that protects pension promises, Becerra stood with firefighters and public workers by choosing not to represent the governor’s challenge in court.

The attorney general’s position as the state’s top law enforcement officer makes the position a critical one for public safety. For firefighters, the attorney general is also important as the person who writes the ballot titles and summaries for statewide initiatives. The fate of attacks on retirement security and union rights at the ballot box can depend on someone who will make fair and accurate summaries, without bowing to political pressure.
Xavier Becerra has earned firefighters’ trust. CPF recommends him.